A Little Wild Rag History 20/11/2014




wild rag

A wild rag is a cowboy or western silk scarf worn around the neck, either tied or worn with a slide. They are used by cowboys and cowgirls, for work, play or fashion. The term wild rag is a relatively new name. They are also known as western scarf, bandana, kerchief or neckerchief. Sitting on a cutting horse in a covered arena, riding the trails, skiing the slopes, hunting in the great outdoors, this is a must have for anyone who wants to stay warm and look good. I think you’ll agree it is a cool look!
Bandanas of varying color and design were often worn by the frontier Cavalry. Read more about cavalry scarves at Cavhooah.
Teddy Roosevelt, as a Rough Rider, wore a scarf. His friend Frederic Remington went west in the 1880s to record life in the west through his paintings and drawings. “A Dash for the Timber”, “The Parley” and “Galloping Horseman” are just a few of his works that show the wild rag being worn.
Wild Rags have more than one purpose. In the old days of driving cattle for long distances the scarf would cover the nose and mouth, like a bandit, to keep out the dust from the cattle moving ahead. Silk wild rags are the best for warmth and keeping the cold air out. A scared horse could be managed by covering his eyes with the scarf.
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History of the Ranger Belt 11/09/2014

What is a Ranger Belt?
The ranger belt is a wide leather belt with narrower billets applied for the buckle and strong enough to hold a gun holster. The billets would eventually have to be replaced due to wear and tear. This type of belt was originally used by the Texas Rangers, hence the name.
Before the development of the Walker Colt hand gun in 1847, pistols were lighter weight and carried by stuffing into the waistband of the pants. As mentioned in a previous post, pants at the time were high waisted and held up, usually, by suspenders. Later on, men began to wear their pants lower on the hips and worn with a belt. To read more about the history of the ranger belt, the Walker Colt and the Texas Rangers, go to True West Magazine’s “The Legacy of the Ranger Belt”.
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Elk Creek Ranger 200

Ranger Belt shown here with an Elk Creek 3/4″ buckle set.

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