History of the Ranger Belt 11/09/2014

What is a Ranger Belt?
The ranger belt is a wide leather belt with narrower billets applied for the buckle and strong enough to hold a gun holster. The billets would eventually have to be replaced due to wear and tear. This type of belt was originally used by the Texas Rangers, hence the name.
Before the development of the Walker Colt hand gun in 1847, pistols were lighter weight and carried by stuffing into the waistband of the pants. As mentioned in a previous post, pants at the time were high waisted and held up, usually, by suspenders. Later on, men began to wear their pants lower on the hips and worn with a belt. To read more about the history of the ranger belt, the Walker Colt and the Texas Rangers, go to True West Magazine’s “The Legacy of the Ranger Belt”.
Today the ranger belt is still a popular choice, with the desirable 1 ½” width and ¾” billet for a smaller buckle set. Silver J Western Wear sells Vogt Silversmith’s Ranger Belts, available in russet or black basket weave or special order a pattern and color of you choice. Email  or call 888.829.5837.

Elk Creek Ranger 200

Ranger Belt shown here with an Elk Creek 3/4″ buckle set.

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